Call for Papers Topics

Call for Papers Topics

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Supply Chain Management and Coordination (Thematic chairs: H. Kotzab, Y. Uygun)

  • Supply chain design
  • Collaborative planning and control of supply chain processes
  • Supply chain resilience and risk management

Maritime Logistics (Thematic chairs: F. Arendt, H.-D. Haasis, B. Lemper)

  • Port operations, seaport hinterland transport
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Logistics for offshore wind farms

Cyber-Physical Production and Logistic Systems (Thematic chairs: M. Burwinkel, J. Pannek)

  • Intelligent intra-logistic systems
  • Distributed planning and control
  • Internet of things and services

Sensors and Sensor Networks in Production and Logistics (Thematic chairs: A. Förster, W. Lang)

  • Monitoring and control of transport and storage of perishable goods
  • Material-integrated sensors for structural health monitoring and process control
  • Communication in sensor and actuator networks

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics (Thematic chairs: M. Beetz, M. Freitag, M. Lawo)

  • Knowledge-based modelling of logistic systems and processes
  • AI-based robotics in logistics
  • Mobile robots, robot-robot and human-robot collaboration

Advanced Modelling and Optimization Methods (Thematic chairs: O. Herzog, H.-J. Kreowski, N. Megow)

  • Mathematical optimization for planning and scheduling
  • Automatic model generation and model transformation
  • Agent-based modelling, simulation, and optimization

Big Data in Logistics (Thematic chairs: A. Kinra, H. Wicaksono)

  • Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Pattern recognition and data visualization
  • Data-driven simulation modelling

Human-Centered Logistics (Thematic chairs: M. Lawo, R. Malaka, K.-D. Thoben)

  • Human in the loop
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Serious gaming