Satellite Events

Doctoral Workshop

Ensuring Practical Relevance and Scientific Contribution for Good Logistics Research
February 10-11, 2020, Bremen

The goal of the LogDynamics Doctoral Workshop is to forge a seed of young researchers from different disciplines, who share the interest in mechanisms for coordination of logistics processes as well as in the cooperation and competitiveness in supply chains. Therefore, the Doctoral Workshop is organized as satellite event of the LDIC 2020 and will take place in the two days leading up to the conference. It will offer one day with a focus on scientific contribution, including presentations and discussions with scholars in the field, including topics related to research design, methodological paradigms and methods, and knowledge production. The workshop takes into account the persistent need for enhancing the social and economic impact of research, and will specifically focus on problem-oriented research and address the effects of important trends such as digitalization on research practices. It will also include one day on the contemporary needs of enterprises and how to ensure practical relevance of projects. In addition, the combination with the 7th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC) will give the participants the opportunity to meet experts from different related fields.

NIMBLE Workshop

B2B Platforms for Supply Chain Management and Logistics
February 13, 2020, Bremen

B2B digital platforms enable partnerships across vast ecosystems that are redefining industries and creating new business models. These platforms promise more inclusive and diverse outcomes, while expanding market access and raising innovation levels for participants. In supply-chain management and logistics, digital platforms can deliver a number of specific benefits, such as: permitting the integration of multiple IT platforms, providing an environment for collaboration, supporting integrated advanced analytics, and increasing scale and reducing costs. NIMBLE is the collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe. It has developed the infrastructure for a cloud-based, Industry 4.0, Internet-of-Things enabled B2B platform on which European manufacturing firms can register, publish machine-readable catalogues for products and services, search for suitable supply chain partners, and negotiate contracts and supply logistics. Participating companies can establish private and secure B2B and M2M information exchange channels to optimise business workflows, as well as tracing and tracking services for goods along the value chain. The infrastructure has been developed as open source software under an Apache-type, permissive license. There is also an open platform-API that allows the addition of advanced services (which can be closed source) such as encryption, block-chain, or life-cycle cost assessment. A federation of technically similar platforms for multi-sided trade is envisaged, with mandatory interoperation functions and optional added-value business functions that can be provided by third parties. This will foster the growth of a net-centric business ecosystem for sustainable innovation and fair competition as envisaged by the Digital Agenda 2020. Prospective NIMBLE providers can take the open source infrastructure and bundle it with sectorial, regional or functional added value services and launch a new platform in the federation. In the most successful use case to date, a Spanish Furniture Manufacturing Platform has been founded with currently more than 100 companies registered. During the event, results, lessons learned and future perspectives will be presented and discussed with the audience, in order assess the potential impact of such a B2B platform and identify future directions.